21 May 2009

Drug Dealers Given More Power

Criminals in the illegal drug trade were rubbing their hands with glee today after it was announced they were to be handed control of yet more dangerous drugs. Criminals gangs will soon be in control of the supply of GBL and BZP.

The Home Secretary Jacqui Smith proclaimed:

"I am determined that we respond to the dangers of these drugs and that is why I have committed to [criminals] controlling them.

"This is the next step in tackling the unregulated market of so-called 'legal highs'." ...By creating an unregulated market of illegal highs.

Meanwhile, people who enjoy taking GBL and BZP will continue to do so. The only difference is that users will now line the pockets of gangsters, risk being stigmatised for behaviour that harms no-one but themselves, and be exposed to more risk due to random variaton in the quality and quantity of what they are consuming.

I do agree that legal highs need regulating. A licencing system should be introduced for vendors, and age restrictions applied. Potential sers should be made aware of the dangers of the drug so they can make an informed decision via health warnings on packets. I doubt the criminal drug dealers will voluntarily do this.

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