13 October 2009

UK Border Atrocity

The UKBA has begun the scientifically flawed, blatantly racist DNA profiling of asylum seekers to determine their ethnicity *ahem* 'nationality'.

73% of children held at UKBA detention centres are developing mental health issues during their captivity. (More than half of these children won't even be deported).

The UKBA is adding extra inconvenience for those claiming asylum by requiring them to attend in person to submit information, and those who can't make their asylum claims during port entry will need to travel to Croydon to make their claim.

Anyway, back to life in civilised society.

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atomicbutterfly said...

DNA has nothing to do with nationality: places like afghanistan and iran are so ethnically diverse it's pointless to look for any verifcation there. And even if they could pinpoint DNA to a location, nationality is only to do with where in the globe you were born, not where your parents where from, as the observer points out. This is a waste of taxpayers money, in fact. I think tooth enamel testing might work to show where someone grew up..but i see how that could be tricky to obtain willingly from people ;).