16 November 2009

Clegg Needs to Follow Through

Nick Clegg today suggested the Queen's Speech should be cancelled so that the rest of this term can be spent on emergency democratic reforms. It's a nice idea, and attracting public attention. However it is inevitable that the establishment parties will ignore Clegg and carry on regardless. Therefore these words need to be followed up with action.

So on Wednesday, I want to see every Lib Dem MP sitting in the House of Commons while the Queen's Speech is taking place. It would look great: while the Conlabourtives were engaged in pointless pomp, the Lib Dems were there, ready and willing to get on with the real, substantive work.

Conversely, if Clegg et al did swan into the House of Lords to listen to a vacuous speech he had criticised just days before, his encouraging words would suddenly look embarrassingly hollow.

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