8 April 2010

Jobs for Workers

5 Live are reporting that 98% of new jobs in the private sector have gone to foreign-born workers since Labour came to power.

I find this an astonishing figure. I got my job after University in a new company, so it was certainly newly created. Am I really that exceptional?

But lets assume this figure is correct. Clearly the demand for employees are not being supplied by the British population. Immigration is crucial to business, and crucial for economic growth.

The Tories want to cap non-EU immigration. This would put our private sector in a straight jacket. An economy relies on people: people who want something, and people who can provide it. Restricting immigration - limiting people's ability to work - will always be detrimental to the economy, putting everyone's livelihoods at risk.

But opposition to immigration has never been about economics. It's about something much more sinister.

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