17 September 2009

Another Labour Drugs Fuck-Up

On his must read blog, Mark Easton reveals how the Home Office managed to waste six years of research and £6,000,000 reviewing drugs education in schools. What happened?
It emerges that they had failed to follow two of the most basic rules of such research:
• Make sure your sample is large enough
• Make sure you have a control group for comparison
This is troubling. For drug reforms to work, they need a competent government to do good research and create the necessary regulations around these dangerous substances.

Labour have been a total disaster around the issue of drugs. On top of the farce over the down-and-upgrading of cannabis, ignoring the advice on classifying ecstasy, and missing the opportunity to properly regulate legal highs, this latest fuck-up is the icing on the cake. And the signs are the Tories will be just as lamentable.


Mark Reckons said...

Most politicians become blithering idiots around the issue of drugs. I am still trying to get to the bottom of exactly why this is.

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