27 September 2010

UN Publicise How They're Boosting the Taliban

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime are one of the biggest global proponents of drug prohibition. They uphold the Conventions that insist that the War on Drugs must continue to be fought, that recreational drugs must continue to be illegal, and downplay all the terrible consequences this worldwide policy is inflicting.

UNODC use all the latest communication techniques to push this message. Their Twitter account provides continuing coverage of the impact they make on international media outlets.

However this tweet from today was a surprisingly frank admission:

UNODC in the news: UN's hard-line anti-drug czar may boost Taliban: http://bit.ly/aygizZ
It's great to see UNODC publicising how the policies they espouse are providing hundreds of millions of dollars of funding to our enemies in Afghanistan, and propagating the War on Terror.

Perhaps they might want to think about how to start reversing this situation - by taking opium production out of the black market and allowing national governments to provide strictly controlled supplies of heroin to addicts, thus stabilising dependent users whilst draining drug traffickers and the Taliban of money.

Do read the article linked to. It shows there are interesting diplomatic dynamics at play between the US/UK and Russia, who take an even harder line approach to opium crops than ourselves.

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HomeGrownOutlaw said...

The final episode of Our Drugs War was very poignant with regards to this. I defy anyone to watch that a argue a case for prohibition. When our drug policy effects other countries so vividly, surely to address of the current situation is needed.

It certainly was an unusual tweet by unodc though.