5 June 2009

Conservatives Votes Won vs Seats Won

For now, this lists the results that have been easily provided on the council's website.

Staffordshire: 43% of the votes, 79% of the seats. Difference: 36%.
Lincolnshire: 47% of the vote, 78% of the seats. Difference: 31%
Oxfordshire: 43% of the vote, 70% of the seats. Difference: 27%.
Leicestershire: 44% of the vote, 67% of the seats. Difference: 23%.
Lancashire: 42% of the vote, 61% of the seats. Difference: 19%.
Hampshire: 48% of the vote, 65% of the seats. Difference: 17%.

David Cameron on Proportional Representation:
But it’s also why a Conservative government will not consider introducing proportional representation, as many participants in A New Politics have demanded. The principle underlying all the political reforms a Conservative government would make is the progressive principle of redistributing power and control from the powerful to the powerless. PR would actually move us in the opposite direction, which is why I’m so surprised it’s still on the wish-list of progressive reformers. Proportional representation takes power away from the man and woman in the street and hands it to the political elites. Instead of voters choosing their government on the basis of the manifestos put before them in an election, party managers would choose a government on the basis of secret backroom deals. How is that going to deliver transparency and trust?

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LibCync said...

Hertfordshire: 46% of the vote, 71% of the seats. Difference 25%.