19 June 2009

The Financial Struggles of Nadine Dorries

Nadine Dorries, Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire, is, errr, highly popular across all sides of the political spectrum. On her blog today, she wrote (emphasis mine):
I have never claimed for furniture or gardening or petty cash or anything other than expenses incurred as part of my role as an MP. In fact, to date, I have spent almost £2000 of my own money this year entertaining constituents in the House of Commons. As a single mum with a number of dependents and responsibilities, that is money I have struggled to afford.

As a bleeding heart liberal, I have great sympathy and admiration for most single parents struggling to find the money needed to raise their kids. But my heart is failing to bleed for you, Nadine.

MPs are some of the best paid people in the country. Their incomes put them well within the top 10% earners in Britain. MPs earn about triple the average income. If you think you struggle, Nadine, please think about how single parents bringing in a third of what you earn cope.

In particular, think about this when you (inevitably, I fear) vote for tax cuts for the dead rich and married couples, when you could be voting for tax cuts for people on ordinary incomes instead.

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