22 June 2009

Tory Tantrums

Congratulations to John Bercow on becoming the new Speaker of the House of Commons. Lets hope he is bold enough to push through the changes needed to Parliament to start the long process of restoring trust in democracy.

However it seems many in the Tory ranks are not happy. As Bercow was being dragged to his fancy new chair, their faces were like smacked backsides. He may be a Conservative MP, but Bercow is apparently not the right type of Conservative MP. Despite this lack of support from his own party, Bercow won a clear majority with a margin of 51 votes between him and his establishment rival Sir George Young, showing he has support from Labour and the Lib Dems.

The line is from the Tory aggrieved is that this is party political shenanigans by their rivals. By choosing the candidate that they didn't like, they were creating disunity in the House for the sake of one-upmanship.

The Tories are being pathetic.

If one was to write a formula for the ideal unifying candidate, it would be Bercow. He is from the opposition benches, but holds moderate political views, and seeks reform. That should be a big tick for the Conservatives, Labour, and the Lib Dems respectively. Yes, Bercow has glided away from his staunch right-wing days. Why does this create such bitterness amongst his supposed political allies? And then for these bitter Tory souls to expect everyone else to change their vote to appease their resentment - unreasonable to say the least.

The only people who would have been happy with the election of Bercow's rival is the Conservatives. The Eton-educated Sir George Samuel Knatchbull Young 6th Baronet had served as a Minister in the previous government, and actively talked down what he thought should be done in terms of reform in his address earlier in the day. Young was never going to attract significant support away from his Tory friends.

I await with baited breath to see what John Bercow does with his new position, and will reserve judgement upon him until the processes he initiates begin. I hope the Tories find some dignity and offer Bercow the same.

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Ailurophile said...

I wish Bercow the best too. Love your beautiful blog colors.