11 June 2009

Enough Downfall Already!

According to the Telegraph, this hiiiilarious (sigh) video is a Youtube hit. At time of writing, Youtube reports the video has received 828 views. How is that a hit?

Adding subtitles to Downfall was funny the first time. I think the first iteration of this idea I saw referred to Hitler being removed from time-wasting online game iSketch, posted to b3ta links in September 2007 (now removed from Youtube due to copyright). It was funny then. Since then at least 30 versions have been created. It is no longer funny. Now, nearly 2 years on, this particular iteration of a tired idea is "news", according to the Telegraph.

How long before keyboard cat suffers the same fate?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ironically, there's already been a DOWNFALL parody about this...